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History Gcse Jarrow March Essay 2012

Jarrow March Essay 2012 ‘The Jarrow March was a failure and didn’t achieve anything’ In this essay, I am going to review the statement made and decide whether the sources given support or do not support the theory. This view is suggesting that the Jarrow March of October 1936 was a complete failure and did not achieve its goal of making the prime minister at the time, Stanley Baldwin, and the rest of the government help Jarrow in its unemployment crisis of the time. Jarrow, a town in Tyneside, Newcastle, was one of the most affected places in the Great Depression of the 20th century. 4% of the people that lived there were unemployed by 1935. Mainly because their main means of work, the shipyards, had all been shut down. The 207 marchers travelled from their beloved town of Jarrow to the Palace of Westminster in London, a distance of almost 300 miles (480  km). Their MP, Ellen Wilkinson walked with them. When the marchers completed their march, very little was do ne for them. The town's shipbuilding industry remained closed, with the marchers given money for the train fare back to Jarrow. I am going to asses each source for reliability, sufficiency and its nature, origin and purpose.Some views may agree with this title statement made because it did not achieve its goal, it didn’t not budge parliament at all, with the prime minister saying that if he gave priority to one march, which would be favouritism and it would provoke more marches. I know this from my own contextual knowledge. Sources A and B do agree in some sense. Source A is a poster made by the labour party in 1951 just before the election. It is suggesting that if u didn’t vote for labour, that unemployment would spark up again. It also says on the top: ‘remember? This is asking voters if they remember the Jarrow Crusade, and if they don’t want a life like that again, then they should vote for labour. This source may not be reliable because it may not su pport the whole labour party view, and I may be fabricated to get more votes. They have made this poster to persuade. This agrees with the statement because it implies that the Jarrow crusade was a bad thing, and that they don’t want it to happen again. Source B does have some agreement with A, but it does disagree as well. It is a statement from a marcher, reported in the Sun newspaper from the 31st of October 1936.He says: â€Å"The first morning is what I’m afraid of. It’ll be getting up and looking out of the window at the same old sight – Jarrow, knowing there’s nothing, nothing to do. My feet hurt terribly†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I know this report is reliable from my own contextual knowledge that he was right. Nothing did happen after; he would have seen the same old Jarrow. This does agree with the statement because he said that nothing would happen after, implying that the march was a complete failure. Source B does slightly agree with source A, bu t Source A does strongly agree with source C, D, E and F.They all disagree with the statement made. Let’s start with why source A might agree with the others. Source A was made in 1951, 15 years after the march itself. Suggesting that the march must be significant because it still was remembered and it had a legacy. I have assessed reliability of A, so let’s move on. Source C is the next one. It is an extract from a debate about unemployment in Jarrow and the North East in 1986. The speaker was Don Dixon, MP for Jarrow. It again, disagrees with the hypothesis. This is because this was 50 years later, and the government are still talking about the march.This suggests a very big impact and legacy from the march. I think this source is quite reliable. This is because you are not allowed to lie at all in the House of Commons and it states the facts, which are true, as supported by my own previous contextual knowledge. However he may have lied to exaggerate the need for mon ey and employment in Jarrow, and he is one sided because he was an eye witness and he lived through the worst of the Great Depression at the age of 7. He may exaggerate the state of Jarrow because he is a Labour MP.So he wants to get votes from the public, and he says if he can change Jarrow, one of the worst hit, then he can change the rest of the UK. The purpose of this extract was to inform/persuade. They do agree with each other, because they are both trying to make it that Jarrow was worse than it was, and they both have the same views, being Labour. They may also slightly disagree because the labour party could put anything they wanted on their propaganda, but Don Dixon was in Parliament, where he had to say certain things at certain times and probably make a speech.Source D is an extract from a book written about the Great Depression and the Jarrow Crusade in 2005. It was written to inform. I think it is very reliable because the facts are all true; backed up by my contextual knowledge. This also disagrees with the hypothesis because has now been remembered in the next century, which really suggests how big and influential the aftermath of the Jarrow Crusade actually is. However they may have exaggerated to sell the book, or to gain good ratings. It does agree very much with C, because they both state the facts, but they also may disagree with each other because of the time difference.People in the future have different views to people back then. The next source is source E. This source is a cartoon about the lorry drivers’ slow drive from the north east to London to protest fuel cost rises in November 2000. This purpose may be to cause humour, or reminiscence. I think this may not be very reliable. It may have been fabricated and it has no information that can be judged on it. It is also very one sided in the fact that the Jarrow Crusade inspired fat lorry drivers to smoke, eat McDonalds and protest, respectively.It does not similar to any sourc e, and is very different to all of them. However, it does slightly disagree with the hypothesis because it suggests that it is still remembered in the next century. Source F is last. It is a small paragraph about the Jarrow Crusade written by a modern historian in 2012. It has no reason to lie or fabricate, so therefore I think it is very reliable, because all the facts are right and accurate. (Due to contextual knowledge) It quite similar to source C and D, because they are all filled with plain, accurate facts.But C is slightly different, again, because of the reasons to fabricate. Overall, I think most of the sources do not back up the hypothesis, because of their reliability and context. My personal view is that the hypothesis may be true in the short term for Jarrow but it affected the whole world in the long run, inspiring people to stand up to what they believe in, and it still fondly remembered even now. Otherwise it still wouldn’t be taught to our class now in Octobe r 2012. Thank you for reading. Shaun Perryman 10BHi. 1

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Gearing and Capital Structure

The profit & loss statement of Biro Co is given below: Revenue 15,000 Cost of Sales (3,000) Gross profit 12,000 Expenses (2,500) Profit before interest & tax 9,500 Interest (2,200) Tax (1,300) Net Profit 6,000If 15% Expenses & 50% Cost of sales are variable costs. What is the operational gearing of Biro Co. nearest two decimal places using (Contribution à · PBIT)? (FIB)95256604000(2 marks)Q2. Hutt Co. has a debt of $200m with equity of $400m. The new investors are confused on the gearing level of Hutt Co. If the investors use debt to debt plus equity method which stage of gearing level is Hutt Co at? (MCQ)UngearedNormal GearedHighly GearedLow Geared(2 marks)Q3. What will be the effect on the financial risk of a company if the interest covers are as follows? (HA)Interest Cover is 6.5 times HIGH LOWInterest Cover is 3 times HIGH LOW(2 marks)Q4. The ordinary shares of a company have a face value of $0.3/share & are currently traded on the market for $5/share. The bonds have a face value of $100 and currently, trade at $110. The preference shares have a face value of $1 and currently, trade at 60 cents. What is the market value based gearing of the company, defined as prior charge capital/equity using the following information giving an answer to the nearest %? (FIB)$000 $000Equity Reserves 10,000 Ordinary Shares 4,200 14,200Non-current liabilities Bank loans 5,100 Bonds 3,500 Preference shares 6,000 14,600Current Liabilities Overdraft 2,000 Payables 3,200 5,20034,000-2032014541500(2 marks)Q5. Which of the following ratios relate to either Financial Risk or Business Risk? (HA)(Debt/Equity) Ãâ€" 100 FINANCIAL BUSINESS(PBIT/Interest) FINANCIAL BUSINESS(Fixed Cost/Variable Cost) FINANCIAL BUSINESS(2 marks)Q6. At 15th December 2011, a marketing agency declares an interim ordinary dividend of 9.3c/share and a final ordinary dividend of 10.2c/share. Assuming an ex-div share price of 612c, what is the dividend yield? (MCQ)1.52%1.67%3.19%3.74%(2 marks)Q7. A company has $205m assets and has liabilities of $70m. Current liabilities make up 20% of the total liabilities. The company has a profit after tax of $130 and the corporation tax in the market is 25%. The company has no interest paying loans. What is the return on capital employed? (MCQ)63%68%79%85%(2 marks)Q8. A group of shareholders was expecting an overall bad result for dividends but when the results were announced the results were not as bad as it was expected by the shareholders. This would probably have the following impact: (HA)Dividend Yield INCREASE UN-EFFECTED DECREASEPrice/ Earnings ratio INCREASE UN-EFFECTED DECREASE (2 marks)Q9. Warden Co. has a current share price of $8.5/share which was previously $4.7/share. The company paid a dividend of $2.6/share. What return would the shareholders likely to be given on their investment? (FIB)400055461000(2 marks)Q10. Which of the following statement relates to the ratios given below? (P&D)It provides a basic measure of the company performance This is the basic measure of a company's performance from an ordinary shareholder's point of view An indication of the effect on shareholders wealth RETURN OF SHAREHOLDERS PRICE/EARNINGS RATIO EARNINGS PER SHARE(2 marks)GEARING AND CAPITAL STRUCTURE (ANSWERS)Q1. 1.38Cost of sales = 3,000 Ãâ€" 50% = 1,500Expenses = 2,500 Ãâ€" 15% = 375Total variable cost = 1,875Contribution = 15,000 – 1,875 = 13,125Operational Gearing = 13,125 à · 9,500 = 1.38 Q2. DGearing = [200 à · (400+200)] Ãâ€" 100 = 33.33%Ungeared (0%), Normal Geared (=50%), Highly Geared (>50%) & Low Geared (

CBS news program Essay Example for Free

CBS news program Essay The broadcast news source that I watched was the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, which was a half hour evening broadcast. Couric sat behind a desk, facing the viewer the entire time. The top stories on this broadcast were the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Kansas City tornadoes, and the â€Å"Make or Break† mission in Afghanistan. Each story received about five minutes of airtime. Couric narrated statistics of how much oil has leaked and the length of coastline that has been affected in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico while live footage showed clean-up efforts taking place along the coast. The story was made relatable for the viewer by explaining that the amount of oil spilled is enough to cover all of New York City. It was lent credibility by an on-site reporter and correspondent that interviewed both local residents involved in the clean-up and with experts working to stop the oil leak. There was no attention paid to the source of the leak or to anyone being held responsible for the accident. The story about the tornadoes in Kansas City featured footage from a resident’s video camera of the funnel cloud approaching, along with local news footage of the damage to local homes and businesses. Couric, the on-site correspondent and a representative from the National Weather Service delivered their news in professional, almost formal tones. This gave the program the feel of being informed, but somewhat impersonal. The only statistics given were the death rate numbers, and the story ended by stating that more tornadoes were headed toward the area. Couric’s coverage of the â€Å"Make or Break† mission taking place in Afghanistan was the third top story. It discussed the efforts to reclaim the city of Khandahar from the Taliban and gave background information into previous operations in the war between the United States and the Taliban. In-depth explanations were given of where the US troops will go and what they will do. A correspondent reporting from the Pentagon made the story seem more credible, even as he explained President Obama’s reasoning behind the troop surge. The cable news source that I viewed was Fox News on the Fox News Network. It was hosted by Shepard Smith. This was also a half hour evening news broadcast. The top three stories on the show were the Kansas City tornadoes, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the theft of a memorial cross for World War I veterans from a Mojave Desert monument. Air time for each top story was about five minutes, similar to Couric’s program. Shepard Smith delivered all of his dialogue standing and was positioned at various spots throughout the broadcast, as opposed to Couric who stayed seated. There were fast graphics, upbeat background music, and a news wire line across the bottom of the screen delivering more headlines during the top stories, all features not included in the CBS broadcast. The story about the Kansas City tornadoes lasted about five minutes. In included local news footage shot by a Kansas City news program, an in-studio commentator and weather expert that discussed the tornado system with Smith, and footage of local survivors describing what they had seen and heard and detailing the damage to their personal property. Statistics about deaths and injuries were given, and the segment ended with Smith saying that another storm system was on its way. When discussing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Smith delved deeper into the Capital Hill investigation of BP, Transocean, and Halliburton in the attempt to determine which company was responsible for the accident. There was also more attention given to the tanker explosion that caused the accident and there was mention of the crew that died in the explosion, information that was not included in the CBS news program. This made the Fox coverage of the oil spill seem more informed and more personable. It was made more personable by Smith’s opinion that someone should be held accountable. The story about the World War I monument being stolen seemed more of a human interest story, and it was interesting that this was made a top story on the program. In discussing the theft of the monument that had stood in the Mojave Desert since 1934, Smith talked with a veteran that was coordinating an effort to have the monument recovered along with a legal correspondent that explained the ongoing debate over whether the monument should be allowed to be erected in the spot in the first place. Overall, the basic layout of the programs was the same. Each top story was given about five minutes of air time and each featured on-site correspondents, experts, video footage, and interviews. The Fox News broadcast was made more engaging with more music, a host that moved around and stood while he spoke, offered jokes and offhanded opinions about the news stories, and in-studio correspondents to discuss them. The CBS broadcast was more serious and toned-down, with Couric being the only correspondent in the studio, tamer graphics, and no news wire. I feel that both proved ample credibility with their straightforward delivery of the facts. But I feel that the Fox News broadcast was more personable and relatable because instead of just showing footage of what’s happening right now like the CBS program did, Fox’s program gave more background information and opinions from more individuals to help the viewer understand the issues and the stories better. Similarities were evident for the basic purpose of news delivery, but the differences occurred because of a different attitude towards the viewer. CBS news program. (2016, Sep 11).

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Perspectives on Special Education Needs and Disabilities Essay

Perspectives on Special Education Needs and Disabilities - Essay Example ith students with learning disabilities has also indicated that a recognition of and capitalization on their specific strengths of mind fosters their development, whereas a focus on their specific weaknesses compromises their development. This would be a good guiding principle when dealing with children with all kinds of disabilities. In doing so, their self-esteem is built up and they are empowered to push themselves towards their optimal potentials. Studies such as Levine’s among others have encouraged the provision of education of children with disabilities in order to optimize their potentials. The Salamanca Statement has been influential in that all children have the right to receive an education regardless of their culture and social background (UNESCO, 2005). Concern for children with disabilities has already spread in the UK from the 1970’s thanks to some advocates such as Mary Warnock who raised the issues on helping children with SEN. The Warnock Report in the year 1978 was developed to appraise the provision for children with psychological as well as physical disabilities. The report had sponsored various ranges of abilities, from low-functioning to high functioning, of special needs for children. The report laid the foundations for the issuance of statements of special education need in the UK. Warnock’s committee found that 20% of children in schools have SEN but 2% of this group may need more elaborate services that are not offered by the mainstream school system. Hence, they need to be diagnosed, issued a statement that they are entitled to special needs provision (Douglas Silas Solicitors, 2010). The Warnock Report paved the way for the â€Å"Education Act† which was imposed in the year 1983. This act presented different methods to the description... This paper stresses that in terms of gaining academic skills, one intervention is class-wide peer tutoring. Students are paired, provided the curriculum materials and take turns tutoring each other. To further reinforce the effectiveness of peer tutoring, points may be earned for correct answers, successful error correction and correct procedures. Another strategy is instructional modification wherein the student’s tasks are modified into shorter ones so he can easily complete them because they are more manageable and not overwhelming for his challenged attention span. Finally, computer-assisted instruction, a popular intervention among students today, makes use of computer-based software programs designed to supplement the teacher’s instruction while providing additional academic material. All these interventions have been found to decrease inattentiveness of students with ADHD as well as help them complete their tasks with more accuracy. It has also been found to decr ease hyperactivity, disruptive behavior and increase their compliance to directions. This report makes a conclusion that children with special education needs and disabilities are fortunate to live in an age where their conditions are better understood so there is more likelihood that they will be helped. It is heartening that people from various disciplines as well as the government are concerned enough to reach out to children like them so he can still maximize his potentials, no matter how limited they may be.

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Undecided Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Undecided - Essay Example The speaker in this poem intended to bring out various messages. This poem highlights three main messages; decision-making in life, Isolation in the society and that nature is beautiful and attractive. The speaker in this poem shows that one cannot avoid decision making in life. While he is travelling, he stops between the woods and a frozen lake. The beautiful and alluring woods are the reason he stops, he stares at them for a while before his little horse shakes the bell of its harness to ask for any mistakes. The speaker realizes that he has to make a decision on whether he should remain in the attractive woods or continuing with his journey probably to the village, where he has promises that he needs to fulfill. The speaker has to choose between two worlds. The woods are attractive and seem to offer the speaker perfect quiet and solitude, which he seems to desire. On the other side, there is a different world from the woods, the world with people and societal obligations. Both sides interest the speaker in different ways but he has to decide which side is the best for him. The world with people however seems more important to the speaker since he decides to leave the woods and continue with his journey. In the poem â€Å"stopping by woods on a snowy evening†, the speaker has to choose between his self-desires and society desires. It seems that it is unusual for him to stop for a while and enjoy himself, for instance stopping to admire the beauty of the woods. His duties and responsibilities to the society do not allow some time for him. He however stops for a while to stare at the lovely woods. His little horse shakes the bell of its harness to alert him that it is unusual to stop in the woods. He decides to continue with his journey where he has duties and responsibilities to fulfill for the society. This implies that he

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Family Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Family Law - Essay Example It is significant to note that marriage will always remain a viable institution because it focuses on procreation, which ensures continuity of humanity. Further, marriage assists in nurturing stronger and intelligent communities that generates a more steady society (Statsky 16). As much as technology has helped marriages, its negative effects on the institution are far reaching. For instance, social networking has led to broke many marriages because of addiction to the internet in order to keep up with the current events. Some married couples are unable to stay away from the internet and in turn give little attention to their families. Some couple through social media sites like Face book and Twitter sends flirty messages to the friends that can affect marriage in a negative manner (Statsky 32). Technology has assisted married couples to connect with old friends. Such freedom of connecting with old friends may bring suspicion to one partner in the institution because they can think his or her husband is flirting past lovers and in turn it leads to mistrust which eventually break the marriage. Since social networking encompasses things such as photo, chats, comments and information sharing, sometimes one partner who engages in social networking may make unreasonable decision in how they socialize with other people online. Unwanted behavior may be seen in the nature of sending flirty messages and sharing unsuitable videos and photos. Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage between involved couples. Divorce cases are increasing tremendously and especially in the United States. Since the 20th century, marriage breaks have been breaking up and the peak was in the 1970s with the institution of no fault divorce. In State laws, the divorce can occur if any form of abuse directed to one partner can cause a great deal in marriage break. Abuse may take many forms including emotional

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The Financial benefits of employee training and development Essay

The Financial benefits of employee training and development - Essay Example Additionally, the turnover also affects the profit maximization tendencies in the organization. The labor turnover can be reduced by ensuring employee stability and decreasing the entry and exit of employees. Training and development of the employees decreases the labor turnover rates. It will make sure that human resource department has a constant rate of hiring and firing. Training the employees will reduce the chances of firing since they will be competent in their jobs. Additionally, the development process will prevent employee productivity. Investing in the present employees will cause the firm to reduce the turnover. It will include hiring professionals who ensure perfection in their work. As a result, providing practical and theoretical training to professionals is advantageous to the firm in terms of cost and employee comprehension levels. For example, when an organization hires professional, the knowledge provided to them during training will be used to firms advantage. The vetting processes should be strict to ensure the division of labor. Additionally, the specialization helps in the training processes because experts can be hired based on the various divisions of labor (Saks, Robert and Jack 51). Training and development will ensure the employees are coached and equipped with current market trends. The employees can socialize and form groups at the workplace; hence, increasing the productivity and reducing labor turnover. Training emphasizes on extra skills in specific job descriptions. The expertise, on the other hand, will increase self-confidence in the employees helping them in handling the allocated roles. As a result, the human resource department will be satisfied with the current labor and eliminate cases of employee exits that may cause a firm extra resource. Development will have an impact on the professionalism of